My oldest daughter Jessica Knopf Benzadon lives in Miami Florida. She has three children. Clayre Benzadon, the oldest, is now a senior at Brandeis University, majoring in psychology and writing.

Toby became instrumental in helping Clayre with the college application’s difficult and tedious process. From the beginning, she has dedicated herself to learn more about Clayre and her unique learning styles in order to find the schools that appropriately accommodated Clayre’s personality. Not only has Toby appropriately arranged all technical aspects of the exhausting application process, but she has also worked endlessly with Clayre to write a strong, significant personal essay and other supplemental essays that the colleges have asked her to submit. Toby narrowed down a list of schools that she applied to and with her guidance, Clayre is now going into her senior year at Brandeis.

These additional individual written pieces mentioned Clayre’s constant motivation, dedication, and hard work in high school.

Additionally, her various involvements in school clubs and activities, including her responsibilities as president of the Creative Writing club and becoming nominated for the Silver Knight Awards (one of the nation's most highly regarded student awards programs) were vital pieces of information that humanized Clayre and created a more well-rounded portrayal of a poor test-taking student with low SAT/ ACT scores.

Even after graduating from high school, Clayre continues to keep in touch with Toby, as she has been an invaluable mentor.

Additionally, my grandson Joshua Benzadon also benefitted from Toby’s assistance. Toby worked very hard to create the appropriate universities for Josh and to help him with his essays. Under Toby’s council, he successfully completed his four years of high school and is excited to attend the University of Texas in Austin beginning his freshman year in the fall.

Overall, Toby Rose’s independent college counseling program has helped thousands of high school students apply and get accepted into all different types of university programs throughout the United States. My wife, Sandie and I are forever grateful to Toby Rose for her continuous dedication to our grandchildren and their futures.

Alan Knopf, M.D.
Voluntary Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
University of Southern California
Los Angeles County General Hospital
Keck School of Medicine

Toby, it has been a great pleasure watching my son progress through his high school years with you as his “second mother� While some counselors feel that they should keep their personal life out of their professional arena, you embrace the chance to get to know each and every child that you set to help. You have been a great “idea person,�providing creativity when we needed it the most. I am so glad that we
have yet another one—Caryn—that can benefit from your talent and passion. You always wanted the best for my son, and I sincerely believe
that he has achieved the best, thanks to your professionalism. It is true: the CAP program at Toby Rose’s is the cornerstone to any child’s success.

Always grateful,

Sung You Whang,

Mother of Joseph Moon


April 5, 2003

Dear Toby,

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all your efforts in helping our two children gain admission to their first-choice schools. The acceptance letters from the University of Pennsylvania and Barnard College serve as testimonial to the quality of your program program.

Both our children met with you early in their sophomore year in high school. You and your competent staff patiently guided them through high school course selections, community service projects, SAT

* tutoring –group and private, and college selections.

The arduous task of completing college applications ran smoothly thanks in part to the timely advice from both you and Ms. Julien Sharp. Most importantly, we found your employees to be courteous, intelligent, and devoted to the ideal that all students should benefit from having access to outstanding program aratory plans.

Despite the fact that our home is approximately an hour away from your office, we are now certain that the drive was well worth the time it took. Tucked neatly away in that small Pinecrest office, you run a gem of a business.

Again, thank you for caring so much about our children and helping them get one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.


Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Mergler

University of Pennsylvania

Our son, Re Pinkcombe, saw his dream become a reality at Toby Rose’s program . He was very involved with the Miami Killian JROTC program. In the 10th grade, he decided that he would attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. Thanks to Toby’s tutelage, he improved his SAT scores, increased his GPA, recorded his community service hours and wrote great essays for his college applications. Toby kept him focused on his goals and provided the resources to help him achieve them. He graduated from West Point on June 2, 2001.

Thanks Toby,

Ronald & Josie Pinkcombe

West Point

Dear Toby,

My husband and I want to thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Thanks to your personal guidance, our son Charles was awarded a full scholarship to several colleges. He could not have done it without your patience, expert knowledge, and tender loving care.

Maria and Jose Gonzalez



Just a brief note to say thanks! Your experience in colleges is amazing. Without your college application program, we would have been totally lost in the process. Can you believe that now, all four of our kids have completed your program? To update �John graduated Harvard and is now at Yale Law, Bob is majoring in English at Cornell, Mary is at Duke and, last but not least, “Chuck�will be attending MIT in the fall! Many Thanks.

Emily and John

Harvard, Yale Law, Cornell, Duke, MIT


Thank you for making a very stressful time relatively easy. Your personal touch and educational experience made all the difference. Not only did Amanda raise her SAT’s by 310 points, but your Study Skills course taught her the “art of studying.�Her grades skyrocketed and she is now a confident and motivated young lady.

Lisa Maddox



Who would have though that my son would be attending college? His serious learning disability was always seen a

s a negative until we found you. You taught Mike that that glass was half full, not empty. You gave him much needed confidence and thanks to your expert teacher, his SAT went up over 200 points.

Thanks Again,
Jo Ann Russell



Enclosed is our check for our third child, Virginia. We want her to start your college program in ninth grade. We now know how important it is to plan early. Beth sends love from Tulane and promises to bring you a banner during her Thanksgiving Holiday. She is having the “time of her life.�You were right, Tulane was the perfect fit!

Linta Gold


Dear Toby,

If one night is any indication, then you scored big with my son, Doak! I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see him coming home with a sparkle in his eye and a sense of purpose about improving his study habits. Whatever note you sounded, sound it again!

I am always hungry to find people who believe in young people and who have enough faith to help them believe in themselves. I literally sat down today and thanked the Lord for you and will continue to pray that He will give you the continued gift of encouragement.

Thank you again for your help.


Dan Yeary

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